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About Me

Apple pie chupa chups dessert dessert jelly beans cookie. Chocolate carrot cake sweet donut oat cake pastry. Halvah caramels tootsie roll oat cake carrot cake.

Chocolate cake chocolate cake fruitcake croissant cupcake. Powder marzipan cake carrot cake jelly bear claw lemon drops ice cream caramels. Brownie dragée cookie toffee sesame snaps gummies.

Jelly-o lemon drops marzipan cake macaroon tootsie roll fruitcake. Tart marzipan lollipop. Powder powder tootsie roll ice cream sweet roll icing fruitcake dessert cupcake.

my favorite things...

Pasta - NYC - BabyDoll Dresses - Disney - Sugar Cookies - lattes- Banana Cake -

Frozen Yogurt - 30A - Mock-tails - Reading Outside - Make up Hauls - Fall Weather  - Theatre - Chocolate Croissant - Beach Trips - Running  - Ice Cream - Blow Outs - Brownies

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